Introduction and Rating System

Hello and welcome to Journey to Nowhere! The intent of this blog is simple – I like to read and wanted a place to capture my thoughts and feeling on books as I finish them. How did they impact me? Did I relate to them or were they just a fun detour into another world? Growing up, books were one of the most influential aspects of what helped shape me into who I am today and this love of literature has followed me into adulthood. My reading preferences generally center around sci-fi/fantasy as well as American literature and poetry. While these are what you should expect to see the most of, my tastes do vary and you will occasionally see other genres pop up. Hopefully I can provide useful reviews that others will use to influence their next pick!

My rating system follows that used by Goodreads – I will rate books on a scale of 1-5 stars (no half stars):

5 Stars – This book was incredible and I loved every second of it!

4 Stars – This book was really good.

3 Stars – I liked it, but it wasn’t anything that stood out in a meaningful way .

2 Stars – I did not like this book and would not recommend it to others.

1 Star – Reserved for those books I really disliked at a molecular level.

I will use Goodreads as a separate forum for my reviews and will link to the site often when citing books. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy your time here! Leave a comment as you go to let me know your thoughts. Let the book blogging begin!

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