Books and Booze

I have been reading since I was a child and as I have grown up, my reading habits have inevitably changed with the ebb and flow of my everyday life. When I was in grade school and had the summers off I would buy a book and binge it until 4AM because I could. In college I would read chapters between engineering problem sets to make sure I got through some books during a busy schedule. When I was working as a shift leader in my previous job I would bring in books to read on the off shifts when things got slow. No matter what the circumstances were, I have always managed to meld my lifestyle with my love for reading.

Perhaps the best addition to my literary lifestyle, though, has sprung up in the last five years. That would of course be the occasional addition of booze to my reading time. Whether it be a cocktail in a quiet café on a Saturday afternoon or a cold beer at five o’clock on a Wednesday, there is something magical about sipping on an adult beverage while devouring a novel.

Now, to be clear, I am not talking about reading after consuming 3 tequila shots on a Saturday night – maybe that’s okay for some people, but for me the words would definitely start to blur together and I would find myself ten pages from the last part I remember and have to back track. What I enjoy is that light buzz one gets from one or two drinks and how it helps you get lost in the pages just a little more easily. I love reading at all times of the day, but as someone who is ultra-sensitive to ambient noise and the distractions that come from being alive in 2019, a bit of a buzz helps hone my focus and block out that background noise.

In addition to the aforementioned aid to my focus, there is something romantic about reading a literary piece while sipping a glass of whiskey or gin. A lot of famous authors – Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Kerouac – drank while writing and a lot of their works use alcohol as a catalyst for some of the adventures, thoughts and often mayhem that their characters experience. Many of these authors had an unhealthy relationship to booze – something I want to explore in a later post – but it cannot be denied that it played a large role in their writing process. As a result, I often feel a deeper connection to a piece when sipping pleasantly on a glass of something strong.

Whether it be sipping ouzo in Greece while reading a classic or hunkering down with a fun fantasy romp and a glass of Guinness in my apartment on a cold night, booze and books is one of favorite combinations. Do you like to occasionally mix alcohol and literature? Let me know in the comments below.

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